The Trachyte and silver bracelet


Would you like to give as a gift to someone or even for you a lucky bracelet ?

This masculine jewelry made of round stone ballsObsidian (volcanic rock) grade A (natural) with a deep black color with grayish reflections depending on the lighting. These beads are of a standard diameter of 8mm. They are mixed with 3 pearls in money with Balinese patterns, it is said to be lucky. All the fine stones are slipped one part one by hand on a thread called " shamballa With adjustable drawstring like those seen on Tibetan bracelets. We made the choice in choosing to opt for an ultra enduring aramid braid which is used for big game fishing (hence the name of our brand), while all jewelry manufacturers still use the notorious thread in waxed cotton. Admittedly, visually pretty but too delicate for sports use for example.

Why wear a stone bracelet?

This black bracelet will not fail to captivate the attention of women or your relatives who will question you about its origin and its symbolic usefulness. He will probably be the initiator of prickly and comical banter about the hypothetical strength of black stones, for example.



evaluate your sleeve frequency and develop 0,5cm- 2cm (according to your approval):

In order to wear "exact head": use your treasurer.

To wear "near the rind": add 0,5 to 1cm to your treasurer.

For a “recumbent” porter: add 1,5 to 2cm to your treasurer.

The standard bracelets are around 17-18cm for women and 19-20cm for men.

Further information

Wrist size

XS 13 - 14 cm, S 15 - 16 cm, M 17 - 18 cm, L 19 - 20 cm, XL 21 - 22 cm


Custom made jewelry in France







Pearl size

10mm, 8mm

Adjustable velcro closure

Resistant waterproof Loch Ness® adjustable cord (default), Drawstring, Elastic


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