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Thor's Amulet Necklace


Thor's Amulet Necklace


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Thor's Amulet Necklace

Thor's Amulet Necklace


The shop presents this new Necklace Amulet in honor of Thor.

This pendant represents the prosperity of viking god Thor, when he was at the peak of his pouvoir

It was during a final fight, during the Ragnarök , that he will come to die against the serpent Jörmungand. Thor will succumb to the venom.

Ce necklace, with a very neat design, will allow you to show to your loved ones, your attachment to:

  • The legends of the mythology Nordic

This pretty pendant thor's hammer comes in a clutch in imitation leather stamped "Vikings".

Ce bijou will make the happiness of one of your close Viking or Valkyrie. 

To offer you a wide choice, we offer this necklace:

  • With two colours : or ou Silver
  • Get the BONUS: chain or a leather cord

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Why choose this Amulet of Thor Necklace?

  • Goes perfectly with all your outfits
  • Necklace for Men ou Women
  • Viking accessory authentic and comfortable
  • Manufacturing in Steel Stainless
  • Gift idea. Ideal for birthdays and parties


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