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Triple protection bracelet

Triple protection bracelet


Worried about your unprotected energy?

With the triple protection bracelet, you never have to think about it again. Combining the three stones of grade A quality most protective in one piece, this is the only spiritual line of defense you will ever need.

Hematite is well known for its protective and grounding power. It works with the root chakra to ensure that negative energy turns into positive vibrations. It purifies stress and protects you emotionally and spiritually.

Black obsidian possesses a protective power that prevents anyone from influencing you in a negative way. It cleanses your body of negativity and protects you from people who drain your energy.

Tiger's Eye protects you from the intent of others. It reinforces the fact that opinions are subjective and helps to make you immune to the influence or judgment of others. It is also considered a stone of luck and prosperity.

The combination of these three grade A stones makes the power of the bracelet 10 times stronger. Protect your energy today. Affirmation: Use protective mantras such as "I am safe and always feel protected" to enhance effects. The round stone beads of this bracelet are available in size 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, in cord (photo) or elastic version.

  • XS 13 - 14 cm
  • S 15 - 16 cm
  • M 17 - 18 cm
  • L 19 - 20 cm
  • XL 21 - 22 cm
  • 10 mm
  • 8 mm
  • 6 mm
  • Sliding cord
  • Elastic
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What is tiger eye? Where does it come from? Why is this now a standard base in personal jewelry collections? When did it become so popular? How did nature create its dazzling beauty? Tiger's eye or tiger's eye is natural asbestos. Asbestos is a metamorphic mineral fiber considered to be part of the hydrated magnesium silicate family. Ancient civilizations recognized the resistance of asbestos to fire. The name is derived from its historical use in lamp wicks. The ancient Egyptians used asbestos for burial fabrics to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife. During volcanic events, fibrous asbestos is replaced by ferrous quartz called limonite. This is what creates the dazzling golden luminous eye of the tiger that offers such elegant beauty in the tiger eye stone. Ancient Egyptians believed that the beautiful tiger eye would bring good luck and protect its wearer. They linked this well-being to the sun which they worshiped like a god. To this day, many people who study the chakra consider the tiger eye to be a tool for health and wellness. The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disc of life and signifies one of the seven basic energy centers of the body. The wheel came from the chariot that carried the sun across the sky. The chakras and Kundalini became an integral part of yoga philosophy in the 7th century. The beautiful semi-precious tiger eye gems that we like are most often golden brown. Sometimes the stone is blue / gray and is then referred to as hawk eye or hawk eye. Red tiger eye is created by heat treatment and is also called cherry tiger eye. Most modern tiger eyes come from Australia, China, and South Africa. It has a hardness of 7,0 on the Moh hardness scale. In 1822, Friedrich Moh, a German mineralogist developed a convenient way to compare the hardness or scratch resistance of minerals. The scale is based on a score from one to ten, ten being the highest. One of the reasons for the popularity of tiger eye is its durability. Buyers should be wary of imitations of glass or plastic beads called cathaystone which are manufactured and not natural. Visit for access to a basic resource for quality tiger eye jewelry. Whatever tiger eye jewelry you wear on a daily basis or for a special occasion, you add a special expression of beauty, elegance and sophistication to your life. This expression has developed through a great history and a desire for cultural and human well-being. Janet K. Nelson has researched and written articles on topics ranging from cultural to technical. She is a renowned author for integrating information and providing a fresh, clear and holistic perspective on her topics.

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Wrist size

XS 13 - 14 cm, S 15 - 16 cm, M 17 - 18 cm, L 19 - 20 cm, XL 21 - 22 cm

Pearl size

10mm, 8mm, 6mm


Drawstring, Elastic

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  1. Loch Ness International (store manager) -

    Very beautiful protective jewel with quality stones!

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