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What to give for Women's Day? The best thoughts to make her smile

What to give for Women's Day? The best thoughts to make her smile

March 8, as you know, is Women's Day. For this holiday, it's not customary to give who knows what an important gift, but it's fair to honor the women in your life with a little thought. If you don't even know where to start, here are some cool ideas to surprise them and make them happy.

Gift idea for Women's Day: Rainbow Socks Sushi


  • Ideal as a gift idea: I find it a perfect gift idea for sushi lovers like my girlfriend. Moreover, since you can choose the size, it is also perfect as a gift for a man.
  • Good Quality: Although these are nice socks, they are still of good quality.


  • Packaging not very resistant: from the photo, it seemed that the box containing the socks was more resistant, on the contrary it is really fragile. Also, it came to me in a clear plastic bag, but luckily it was not damaged.
  • Expensive: Since it is just a pair of socks, the price is a bit steep.

My girlfriend loves sushi, for her it's the best food in the world. When I saw these Rainbow Socks, I immediately thought about giving them to him as a Women's Day gift because I'm absolutely sure he'll love them. These socks in addition to having the pattern and color reminiscent of sushi are also placed inside the box as if they were serious. The outer wrapper is made of a very fragile plastic, although from the photo it seemed much stronger. The package arrived in a very common clear plastic bag, but luckily it was not damaged. Inside there is only a pair of socks which, considering the price, may seem a bit expensive, but the originality is certainly to be appreciated. The socks, however, according to my girlfriend, were very comfortable and of a good quality. Excellent gift idea.

Gift idea for Women's Day: scented tofu candles - 4 pieces


  • Very good scents: we tried all 4 scents and I have to say we liked them all. They are very delicate and pleasant and even if they are on for a long time, they do not bother.
  • Recyclable boxes: beautiful reusable tin cans.

For Women's Day, I wanted to think a bit about my girlfriend and as we like candles a lot, I decided to buy this set of 4 candles from the TOFU brand. The candles are contained in a cardboard box and in my opinion are perfect as a gift idea for different occasions. The candles have different scents: lavender, Mediterranean fig and spring freshness. They are made 100% with vegetable soybeans and natural essential oils, therefore non-toxic. In addition, the wick is made of organic cotton, which allows for a cleaner and longer lasting burn. The candles are contained in beautiful tin cans which, when finished, can be cleaned and reused as a holder. The scents are really pleasant.

Gift idea for Women's Day: Box of Aofmee bath bombs - 7 pieces


  • MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: These effervescent bath bombs are made with all-natural ingredients and therefore can also be used safely for baby's baths. They are also not tested on animals.
  • Excellent gift idea, suitable for all ages.


  • Smaller than usual: I must say that compared to the bath bombs of the most famous brand, they are slightly smaller, maybe that's why they cost less. However, they still manage to color and scent my tub.
  • Standard perfumes, nothing special.

My girlfriend loves bath bombs, in fact every time we are at a well-known artisanal soap factory I have to buy some. Bath bombs, however, are quite expensive too because you can only use them once. When I saw this bath bomb set, I immediately thought this was the right gift for her, also considering the great price. There are 7 bath bombs and each one has a different scent: lavender, vanilla, rose, ocean, mint, green tea, and chamomile. Some of them also contain dried flowers inside which make them even more beautiful in detail. Once the bombs are used, the tin can be reused.

Gift idea for Women's Day: Vahdam Assorted Glow tea set - 6 pieces


  • Perfect gift idea for tea lovers: I find this set from the Vahdam brand a great gift idea for tea lovers.
  • High quality tea: each tea is contained in a sealed pot on which it is written what type of tea it is, the quantity and the doses to be used for the consumption of the product.
  • Nice coffin.

Tea is a drink that my girlfriend and I drink very often in the afternoon to relax a bit before starting work. Over time we have learned to recognize quality teas and are always on the lookout for new teas to test them out. As Women's Day approaches, I decided to give her this gift set from Vahdam which contains 6 assorted teas. Vahdam is an American company that offers high quality tea. In addition, he is highly regarded internationally for his absolute respect for producers and crops. The teas are contained in a box with a very simple but at the same time elegant design. The package contains six tea bags in the varieties Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea, Chai, Maharaja Breakfast Black and more. It is a refined, luxurious gift and above all very appreciated by tea lovers.

Gift idea for Women's Day: Swarovski Lilia necklace


  • Very elegant necklace: I find this very fine and elegant necklace. Great for girls and women of all ages who like minimal style or aren't into flashy jewelry.
  • Possibility of purchasing a complete set, also purchasing the earrings.


  • Delicate jewel: the necklace is very thin, so you have to be careful when undressing not to get tangled, because I'm afraid that it can break easily.
  • Rose Gold Plated: Unfortunately, plated jewelry will lose color over time, hope that won't happen with this one.

For this year, I had no idea what to get my partner for Women's Day, but then I remembered that once we were in a mall she saw this Swarovski necklace that she loved. a lot, but that we hadn't bought in the end. The necklace, called Lilia, is very thin and elegant, ideal to wear in summer, as it stands out a lot with tanned skin. The necklace is rose gold plated and features a pattern with three butterflies, one on top of the other, with an extraordinary natural effect which is amplified by the shine of the crystals set in the pavé. The length of the necklace can be adjusted and the iconic swan of the Swarovski brand is also present on the clasp. From the same line, so with butterfly motifs, there are also short and long earrings, for those who want to make a more complete gift.


Among these I find the bath bomb of Aofmee make a perfect gift for women of all ages and certainly greatly appreciated. In addition, the price of 7 bombs is very advantageous. But the most popular gift idea, in general, by Internet users, is certainly the Vahdam tea set: these are tastes of exceptional quality, which are presented in a magnificent way.

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