The land of shambhala (chambala)

Mythology around the shambhala or shamballa

"Shambhalla" is a peaceful and mysterious place where happiness reigns

It is difficult to know if it is a real and physical place that it is imaginary and fantasized. Or else a kingdom of the spirit which will open up, to one or those who will be worthy of it through compatible karma. Certain myth assigns shambhalla to a hidden and mysterious place located in the mountains of the Himalayas. The shambhala is also found in most religions through prophetic figures, as well as in certain culture or civilization of the Hindo-Asian peoples. Sometimes also, anecdotally like the Hindus. In western mystical and new age beliefs, shambhala is omnipresent. An underground world exerting an ambiguous influence on our modern civilization. A name often comes up… A man, Sanat Kumara first lord ruler of shambhala.

Spiritual practice of shambhalla :

The Shambhalla and reiki

Contrary to popular belief, shambhalla and reiki are two different energy practices.

The use of the limited symbolism of reiki (4) prevents the deployment of forces shamballa multidimensional on chakras of tantric origin composed of more than 350 symbols. Even if today only 7 chakra symbols are used. Shamballa is a very powerful energetic art that works on several levels of consciousness. This practice can bring you the perfect control of your consciousness and bring you to the ultimate love which passes through an "I" finally revealed in being.