Size guide

How to estimate the size of a bracelet?

1. You have the possibility!

To measure your wrist, bring a meter of seamstress, a tape or a string. Wrap your wrist without tightening too much and note the measurement.

  • To wear “exact size”: use your measurement.
  • To wear “close to the skin”: add 1 to 1,5cm to your measurement.
  • To wear “loose”: add 1,5 to 2cm to your measurement.

2. It's to offer ! You don't know the diameter of his wrist

For a gift, for example, here are some general information allowing an estimate to be made based on size and gender.

  1. The most common tall man is size L or XL
  2. The most common tall man is size L
  3. The most common medium-sized man is M
  4. A small and thin man generally S or M
  5. A tall or very tall woman usually M or L
  6. The most common medium-sized adult woman S or M
  7. The most common small adult woman, XS or S
  8. A teenager boy size M usually they have a wrist from 15 to 17 cm
  9. A teenage girl the most common size the XS and S

Whether it is the version of the bracelet, sliding cord or elastic, the bracelets spread widely for the passage of the hand.

Possibility of custom manufacturing for most models on request.

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