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A site for lovers of necklaces, bracelets made of silver elements in rock style. For rebellious men looking for an accessory of character in order to put a trendy touch to his favorite outfits.
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Rock look bracelets

Discover our bracelets and necklaces for men and women, made for example from matt onyx pearls and a skull in 925 sterling silver on a cord or elastic in custom size. Our reasons for skull will go well with a leather strap and skull earrings for example. A man with a rebellious and fancy look wearing on his wrist a skull watch and a matching skull bracelet.

The rock detail

Dare a stone bracelet with a steel skull finished with a clasp with an engraved plate Loch Ness stainless steel on a waxed cotton link. Our bracelets are available in women's length (Xs, S). Also leather bracelets with skull. Quick delivery.

Origin ☠

Symbol of the world

Symbol which represents a human skull, it is associated with Death and human vanities, It is an emblem which finds its origins in antiquity, Used in modern cultures, in the fashion industry for example.

New models 2019


Go rock with this skull bracelet composed of real Hematite beads mounted on an adjustable sliding cord Loch Ness


Be rebellious with this skull bracelet composed of real Pyrite pearls strung on an ultra-resistant and adjustable line Loch Ness

black death head bracelet


Go rock with this black skull bracelet with disco pearls set with zirconia and frosted Onyx pearls on a cord Loch Ness


Our selection of bracelets with rock spirit skulls (like those of Johnny hallyday for example) for trendy men and women. Cord bracelets with link or sliding knot adjustable and adjustable on your wrists for a gothic rock look, Mexican colorful look, Indian boho style, religious bracelet corpus cristi or pirate rock (Johnny Depp) in all discretion. Our skull bracelets are in solid silver or gold plated, set with zirconium rhinestones (synthetic diamond), always accompanied by natural gem pearls.

silver skull bracelet malachite beads

Be rock and witty!
With this skull bracelet on a cord, its mixture of 10mm Hematite and matt Onyx pearls, its silver skull pearl and 4 Balinese pearls in 925 sterling silver crafted with…

Be rock and witty!
With this skull bracelet, its 10mm Turqoise pearls, its yellow gold plated skull pearl and its matching washers set with zirconia rhinestones. This bracelet will give you a rock look…

braided black skull bracelet

Set the tone!
The braided skull bracelet is the star bracelet par excellence! A cord bracelet composed of 8mm Onyx beads, its black anodized skull set with black zirconia. Handcrafted for an urban and chic Zen look.

double hematite skull bracelet

Be rebellious and zen at the same time!
With this genuine silver multi-row skull bracelet and its real dark and shimmering 8mm hematite pearls, 3 Balinese pearls in 925 silver. Handcrafted in France in limited series for an urban-chic Zen look.

black pearl and silver skull bracelet

Set the tone!
With this braided wire bracelet, it is the bracelet of the stars par excellence! A cord bracelet composed of pearls in Pierre of 8mm black onyx, its skull and its assorted rings in solid silver set with black zirconia, a finish…

silver skull bracelet with black balls

Be rock and zen!
The rock bracelet is the star bracelet par excellence! A bracelet with a mixture of 10mm matt Onyx pearls and a silver rock spirit skull set with brilliant zirconia. Handcrafted in France for an urban and chic Zen look

Modify our bracelets

Are you inspired by a model? You like one of our models but you want to modify it. Note the reference or, failing that, the name of the jewelry of the bracelet or necklace model that comes closest to what you want. Explain to us the desired modifications on the contact form of the product page in question or below.
You will be quickly informed of the feasibility, if so, a quote will be offered.

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Skull collection

These designer jewels for men and women, very trendy, wanting to give a rebellious touch to their clothing. Our skull bracelets are very popular with fashionable people with tattooed sleeves, wearing large luxury watches. With our suppliers, the online store of our brand offers you the tailor-made production of chic designer jewelry with fine and semi-specious gemstone beads.

silver skull bracelet with black pearls

Set the tone!
The cord skull bracelet is the bracelet of rock stars par excellence! An adjustable sliding knot cord bracelet with a mixture of 8mm matt black onyx beads as well as a skull and matching disco beads in silver set with dark zirconia. French handcrafted…

tiger eye stone skull bracelet

Strength and protection!
The silver skull cord bracelet is the bracelet of rock stars par excellence! A skull bracelet composed of a mixture of pearls Eye of tiger grade A and its rock spirit skull in sterling silver 925/1000 set with black zirconia. Handcrafted in France for a zen and urban look.

men's black skull bracelet

Set the tone!
Fill up on character with this skull bracelet! A jewel with a tone on tone mixture of 8mm matt onyx beads and a black anodized rock spirit skull, its small ornate 925 silver Balinese rings. French handcrafted for an urban Zen look…

metal skull beads bracelet

Set the tone!
The skull cord bracelet is the bracelet of rock stars par excellence! A bracelet with a mixture of matt and shiny onyx beads and hematites, as well as a rock spirit skull in black anodized silver set with shiny zirconia. Handcrafted for an urban Zen look…

black skull bracelet dark pearls

hip hop stars
The corded skull bracelet with a mixture of black onyx pearls and a black anodized Gothic spirit skull inlaid with shiny zirconia Handcrafted in France - The skull evokes the ephemeral nature of human life and invites you to take advantage of it!

silver and black skull bracelet

Rock spirit!
With this dark bracelet with a silver skull and its faceted black Onyx beads of 10mm on a very solid sliding cord Loch Ness adjustable anthracite gray. Also available in an elastic version. This jewelry is guaranteed 12 months.

Our current gift suggestions

Currently, Johnny Hallyday's bracelets and skull watches with skulls are very popular with men.

Fan of Johnny?
Rockn'roll is not dead!

So here is the famous bracelet with the big turquoise blue ball! We can see it very well in this video extracted from one of the concerts of the stay alive tour where Johnny Hallyday turned on the lights once more.

JH-inspired bracelets

album cover stay alive

Never alone

Discover the bracelet with the big skull made from the one Johnny Hallyday wore on his tour and on the album cover never alone.

photo of johnny hallyday with a cross

Stay alive

Discover the bracelet with large Turquoise bead That Johnny Hallyday wore between 2015 and 2017 notably during the concert tour to stay alive.

skull skull watches collection


Discover the born to be dark collection
Skull watches with a resolutely rock look for each
rebel sleeping in us.

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Drawing of a skull

A little culture

When the human skull symbolizes death. The skull was already used by ancestral civilizations to represent the end of life and existence on earth. It has many variations, the most famous being the sketch of a skull with a pair of cross shins. Why the skull of a man? This part of the human skeleton and according to religious beliefs houses the soul and the spirit. Meaning and history of this symbol: Inescapable for the moment in any case, death always ends up being right for us. It is logical that we find the skull in the history of different cultures. Each civilization has its own representation of finitude. Art has always used the human skull present on countless drawings, engravings, paintings, sculptures ... For example in Mexico, each year, on November 1 and 2, Mexicans live in tune with the Festival of the Dead.

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