Spiritual love

Spiritual love to cultivate one's being

Why do men and women seek to rise spiritually?

It is desire that attracts them. Indeed, love is consumable; it is comparable to food ... To love is simply to eat As long as you confuse hunger and desire without any inner consciousness to feel the etheric elements of Food. You will not be able to feel the depth possible in the other and will be forced to agreed and superficial contacts. In truth the real changes are never made by conscious thought, but by the paths of the subconscious. The human is like the caterpillar who needs to eat leaves: He calms his hunger at the expense of others, defiles and tears the leaves without thinking about their role and importance. Finally disgusted with herself, she (he) changes and becomes better, more beautiful (beautiful). For that she (he) makes a cocoon to protect herself. In men and women this protective cocoon is called will have it. To become aware of the aura is to give the real possibility of a real transformation. You now leave the common leaf to the common and choose the nectars and the sugar of the colored fruits. A way of consuming which then a more noble and delicate form. You then enter this new world of subtle and deep exchange with others, without dirtying, without hurting or destroying. A universe where the exchange with the other becomes a marvelous kingdom and not a boring prison.

Camille & Karina